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The German-Palestinian production and film distributing company Bukera Pictures developed in 2009 out of the peace project Cinema Jenin. It has its headquarters in Germany and in the West Bank. The company‘s philosophy is to produce powerful, provocative and entertaining feature films and documentaries for an audience which up until now has only consumed blockbuster movies. It is hoped by means of these high quality films to combat prejudice, hate and intolerance. In addition Bukera Pictures is a platform for international co-productions with directors, editors and film makers who believe that stories should do more than just entertain.


Filmperspektive GmbH is a film production company with its headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded by Marcus Vetter und Achim Johne in 2001 and its principle aim is to produce its own documentaries and feature films. Filmperspektive is especially interested in making documentaries dealing with real people, documentaries which can be understood emotionally at an international level. The company is also interested in topics which are „a sign of the time“: These kind of topics nobody thinks about because they are ahead of their time.



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